Natural Face Moisturisers

Orani Natural Face Moisturisers will revitalise and rejuvenate your skin the natural way—there are no harsh chemicals here. With 5 different products to choose from, there’s a face moisturiser to suit all skin types, conditions, and ages.

Botanical Lifting Serum - skin firming 

This natural moisturiser is perfect for firming ageing skin. Over time it’s easy for our skin to get damaged by UV rays and pollution in the air. This special Botanical Lifting Serum encourages collagen production to have your skin looking full and fresh.

Dragon’s Blood Rejuvenating Cream - for dry skin

Is your face skin feeling dry, tight or sensitive? Then try our Dragon’s Blood Rejuvenating Cream. It’s ideal for reducing redness, treating mild acne, and leaving your skin looking and feeling soft, smooth and clear.

Probiotic Repair Cream - for acne-prone skin

Are you sick of battling acne and redness on your face? Then it’s time to try our Probiotic Repair Cream. It specifically targets the bacteria that leads to breakouts, and id does so with all-natural ingredients that are delicate on the skin.

Rose Remodelling Cream - for menopausal skin

Along with the rest of your body, your skin can undergo changes during menopause, often leading to dry and red skin. Our Rose Remodelling Cream is the best way to nourish and smooth skin during these changes.

Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser - for dry, sensitive, irritated skin

Our Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser will restore your dry, sensitive, and damaged skin. Even if your skin is highly irritated, this moisturiser will help it return to its former glory. It can also protect your skin from the elements.