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Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser

Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser

Hydrating Face Moisturiser
'Ultra' Hydrating Moisturiser - 50ml

Protect your dry, sensitive skin from the elements with our Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer. The uniquely lipid-rich formula soothes redness and hydrates severely irritated skin to restore softness and give you a fresh, radiant look. Our Australian-made natural emollient is the best lipid cream for skin that has been damaged and compromised by pollution, weather, and atopic skin conditions.

Containing sunflower oil to hydrate and plump the skin without leaving a greasy residue, our hydration cream is rich in vitamin E and is easily absorbed for a luxurious way to nourish your skin. The kiwi seed oil is rich in vitamins C and E, and packed full of omega-3 fatty acids to give you firm, supple skin. Kiwi seed oil also has antioxidant properties to help rid the body of toxins, and has skin cell regenerating benefits to slow down the effects of aging. Babchi extract helps balance melanin and pigmentation, improving skin tone and clarity and tackling both acne and psoriasis.

Our repair cream for dry skin has an exclusive lipid-dominant formula to nourish your skin deep down, moisturizing the dermis and protecting the epidermis from further irritation. This lipid moisturizer calms redness and itchiness in barrier-compromised skin, working without the use of harsh chemicals which can strip away the skin's natural oils. Our barrier cream prevents skin from over-reacting to irritants in the atmosphere or in chemical-based skincare products, restoring hydration for immediate relief.

Lipid replenishing creams leave the skin feeling supple and comforted, and our targeted formula will calm and restore your skin's layers during the heat of summer and the harshness of winter. Combat the damaging effects of the weather with this lipid rich cream and bring your dry, flaky skin back to life.

Just 1-2 pumps of our Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer applied to clean skin following your regular treatment lotion, toner, or serum will give you plump, dewy skin and help you regain your youthful appearance. The best cream for dry skin patches, our lipid restore cream can be used anywhere you need extra hydration and protection

    Instructions for use:

    Apply 1-2 pumps to face twice daily.

    Ingredients: Water, Sunflower Oil, Kiwi Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Lecithin, C12-16 Alcohols, Palmitic Acid, Methylpropanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenylpropanol, Ashwaganda, Babchi Extract, Asparagus Extract, Perilla Frutescens Extract, Boswellia Extract, Cholesterol, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Locust Bean Gum